Civil Litigation Departmen

The core of the Department's services

1. Loan Recovery and Security Enforcement;
2. Conveyancing-related Litigation such as title disputes, government leases and deed of mutual covenants disputes, real estate management disputes, tenancy disputes, repossession of land and premises for redevelopment purpose or otherwise,  mortgagee actions, government rent and stamp duty disputes
3. Administrative and Constitutional Law involving the Bill of Rights   Ordinance in relation to Government's policies and powers;
4. Disputes on Contracts or termination thereof;
5. Commercial Disputes on Agreements on Supply of Goods and Services, as well as on other Agency and Licence Agreements;
6. Defamation Claims;
7. Matrimonial Disputes;
8. Contentious Probate including Litigation on Trustee's Rights, Powers, Duties, Obligations and Litigation among Beneficiaries;
9. Employment Disputes including Termination of Employment Contracts, Employer's Obligations and Employees’ Compensation;
10. Intellectual Property matters such as application and registration of trademarks, designs and patents, advice on copyrights, infringement actions including applications for injunctions;
11. Insurance-related Claims and Personal Injuries; and
12. Claims relating to Professional Negligence and Medical Negligence.





Address : 4th, 15th & 16th Floors, Wings Building, 110-116 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2543-5666
Fax : 2815-6068


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