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Our senior partner, Mr HONG Po-kui, has been a China-appointed attesting officer since 1995 and is authorized to attest or certify legal matters and documents in Hong Kong for use in the Mainland.

Our China attesting services include attesting the following documents:

1 Notarization of marriage certificate (bachelor certificate);
2 Declaration to claim succession;
3 Declaration to apply for entry to Hong Kong for Mainland relatives;
4 Declaration to apply for Mainland relatives’ entry to Hong Kong to take over    property;
5 Power of Attorney for various purposes;
6 Notarization for certificate of personal entrustment;
7 Notarization for certificate of company entrustment;
8 Notarization for company registration;
9 Notarization for resolution of board of directors
10 Certifying corporate information of Hong Kong companies;
11 Cross-border trade documents;
12 Notarization related to CEPA; etc.









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